• Minutes from April 14 Meeting in Lowden


    Iowa Lincoln Highway Association

    April 14, 2018

    Called to Order: Dean Parr, President Pro-Tem, called the meeting to order at 9:30 AM.  

    Secretary Report:  Jan had emailed the minutes out to the Consuls and Directors prior to the meeting and brought hard copies for anyone wishing to review them.  As there were no corrections or additions, Jeannie move and Dean seconded they be approved. Motion passed.

    Treasurer’s Report: Joyce received Iowa’s portion of National dues. Cathie moved and Joe seconded to approve the report. Motion passes.

    Membership Report: Dean reported that he sent out renewal letters and asked people to join for 2-3 years rather than a year at a time.  We are down 3 National members and 3 State members. Our totals are 60 Iowa, 172 National, 24 Comp, 12 Life, 23 Merchant for a total of 291. Dean did not send out letters to merchant memberships as county consuls were to contact them directly. The Nevada Historical Society joined in March as a Merchant Member. Dean will make sure they get on the list and get a newsletter. Joyce and Dean will need to get together and compare lists and verify who has renewed.         

    Director’s Report: Dean said the National Directors have had 3 teleconferences. They were mostly related to who will take Kathy Franzwa’s position with the Forum. Brian Butko, Kay Shelton, and Russell Rein put the last one together. The board is considering hiring Jay Lawrence, from California, who has a background in graphic arts and advertising. He will do the next issue.

    Dean also encourages all ILHA members go to the National Conference in New Jersey. There will be 2 At-Large Positions open and the states of WY, CO, UT, NV will be seeking state directors. Bob Beaudoin, UT, has taken on the national membership position and feels this is enough.  (CO and WV are vacant as well.)

    Director At Large Report: Van is stepping down in June and there might be someone from a state that the Lincoln Highway does not run through that will be interested in this position.  The Amateur Radio Group that Van and Bev belong to are planning an event in Cedar Rapids and will spread the word about the Lincoln Highway- perhaps “high atop Mt. Trashmore.”

    Newsletter/Facebook/Website Report: Meredith would like you to keep sending her events to put on the website. She will also post them on Facebook. Send items to Jan for the newsletter and if you have an idea, but need help writing it, Prairie Rivers of Iowa can also help with that.

    Coordinator Report: We are working with Bob and Joyce on 3 smaller interpretive signs for the east, panels for an I-beam installed at the Lion’s Tree Club Park, and they have an OK to install a panel in Mountour’s cemetery near the Henry Ostermann accident site. Jan spoke at the Marion Heritage Center and to Homeschoolers in Marion. She will be attending the Heartland Byway Conference in Kearney, NE next week. There was a Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway Advisory Board on April 12th and the group reviewed the Corridor Management Plan’s project list that was submitted to the DOT last year and added/deleted to that list for this next year. Prairie Rivers of Iowa has been working on a junior explorer (kids) activity booklet. Jan passed around a sample.

    Prairie Rivers of Iowa is exploring a new way to fundraise- through the internet and CrowdRise which is like GoFundMe, but for non-profits instead of individuals. If they get $3,000 in donations they are eligible to earn other grant funds $10,000- $100,000. If they get a grant, they will put the funds towards the restoration of Preston’s Station in Belle Plaine.  The link to donate is https://www.crowdrise,com/o/en/campaign/prairie-rivers-of-iowa.

    Prairie Rivers has also applied for other grants for Preston’s Station, Youngville, and the Tama Lincoln Highway Bridge.


    New Business:

    Correspondence: Joyce encouraged everyone to go to the Jefferson Highway Conference and their motor tour April 26-28 in St. Joseph, MO. She also passed around a newsletter that Olga in PA sends out regarding the 5 counties she promotes along the Lincoln Highway. Silos and Smokestacks also sent out a newsletter. They are a National Heritage Area and promote agri-tourism in the NE quarter of Iowa. It covers part of the Lincoln Highway- Clinton to the west and includes Boone County.

    New Officers:  We will be looking for a new VP and Cathie will move up to President. She may take over earlier for the Fitzsimmons. The group also needs Consuls in Linn, Crawford, and Pottawattamie. Nancy Needham is no longer listed as a national member. Bob/Joyce will try to get someone in Crawford and several at the meeting from Linn County were encouraged to represent their county.           

    Auto Tour:  Bryon Osberg had set up the tour to headquarter in Des Moines and travel out and back each day. It is during the State Fair, so people should book hotel rooms soon. He told Jan that he was timing the routes and will have that information out soon.

    Wapsi/Syracuse Report: Cathy is looking for a pro-bono person to write a lease agreement for the property south of the road. She does have permission to put picnic tables, garbage cans, observation deck, interpretive panels, etc. on the north side. We can also paint the bridge. The proposed trail will be on the south side. The group suggested Allan Richards, Tama County Consul, as someone who could possibly write up a lease.  Joyce suggested that Cathie set up a work day (after snow is done for the year!)

    Herring Hotel Update: Bob Ausgberger and Allan Richards are on the boar. There are challenges because there is a zero lot line all around the building. They have to put a lift on the sidewalk/street and extend the arm over to work on parts of the building. They received emergency funds from SHPO for a temporary roof and put up some supports. The City of Belle Plaine is pleased work is beginning to happen. They will apply for other grants and applied to the National Lincoln Highway Association’s Endowment Fund and will know about that at the National Conference in June.

    Preston’s Station Update: Mary Preston applied for a Benton County Community Foundation to do a structural report. She is the 4th generation to own this property and will be working with Ryan Prochaska and a newly established board. Preston’s is a 501(c)3 and Mary will be writing other grants. Prairie Rivers of Iowa is helping with identifying and applying for grants as well.

    Contract with Prairie Rivers of Iowa: Jeannie moved and Cathy seconded that the ILHA extend the contract with Prairie Rivers of Iowa and Meredith Ponder.

    Prairie Rivers of Iowa Brochure: Van moved and Bob seconded that the ILHA give $2,000 from the treasury towards Junior Explorer (Kids Activity Booklet). Motion passed. The group will receive ad space directing parents to the website for membership information.


    County Reports:

    Clinton County: Cathy reported the Observer newspaper wants to write an article about the Lincoln Highway. The Winsther Hotel is interested in a Lincoln Highway themed room.  Now that Cathy is back, she will work on both of these as well as the Wapsi/Syracuse project. She will give the Winsther a year’s ILHA membership as a thank you.

    Cedar County:  Joe gave Cathy the name a muralist that could do some work at the Winsther.  The Lincoln Hotel in Lowden was bought and stays fairly busy. The town of Clarence is in the Main Street program. They have received several grants. One is a $100,000 Community Catalyst Building Remediation to revitalize their downtown from the Iowa Economic Development Authority. The monies will be used on the Clarence Motor Company building for façade restoration and to improve 2 storefronts and create office space.       

    Linn County:  Van reports that Johnson Ave will have 3 lanes now. A 1928 marker has been removed and a wooden stake has been put in its place. He is hopeful it gets re-installed. Jan had a route change that a person from Marion submitted to her. Both Van and Dean agreed that Byway is signed incorrectly. She will submit the change to the DOT.

    Benton County:  Youngville has increased its membership and is looking for more. He offered a deal to Lincoln Highway members and several did pay for membership.  The pie maker resigned from the group, but they have a replacement. This next Tuesday is their annual meeting and everyone is invited to attend. Prairie Rivers of Iowa submitted a Benton County Community Foundation grant to work on the oil room and to straighten the garage.

    Joyce added that the Herring Hotel’s fundraiser, The Swellest Little Tea, is coming up April 28th. Half of what is raised goes to the Herring Hotel.

    Tama County: No Report.     

    Marshall County: Harlan submitted a report, see attachments.

    Story County: Carroll submitted a report, see attachments.

    Boone County: Bob reported that Boone, Hamilton, and Webster Counties are partnering in a “Parks to People” program and are considering an overlook at the High Bridge.

    Greene County: Joyce said the church is planning on serving 1500 meals when RAGBRAII rolls through town this summer (Denison, Jefferson, and Ames are overnights.) The museum will also have a “bike” artist’s work on display.  Jan is planning on having a table at several of the towns to promote the Byway. The Skew bridge has been replaced, but they have used Lincoln Highway elements on it like what Kimball Olson, DOT Aesthetic Bridge Designer, used on the overpass east of Grand Junction. The I-Beam has been installed at the Lion’s Club Tree Park and they are working on interpretive panels. Dean complimented Bob on the Park and what an impact it makes on the Lincoln Highway traveler.

    Bob and Joyce are working on the text for interpretive panels to be placed at the east entrance to Jefferson, near the cemetery. They will also move a Boy Scout marker from the hotel to this new location.

    Carroll County: Joyce reported that Barbara has been busy getting people to renew memberships and renew ads for the newsletter.   

    Crawford County: No Report.

    Harrison County: Kathy submitted a report, see attachments

    Pottawattamie County: No Report.

    It was moved by Joe that we adjourn. There were multiple seconds. Motion passed.

    The next meeting will be in Grand Junction, on July 14th.            

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