Explore the Lincoln Highway in Iowa through our collection of postcards.  Choose a county to begin your journey:

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Vintage cars on an auto tour travel down the Lincoln Highway. © Mike Kelly

The Lincoln Highway Association owes a debt of gratitude to Professor Lyell Henry for his long-term devotion to the history and culture of the Lincoln Highway.  A former professor at Mount Mercy College in Cedar Rapids, Lyell lives in Iowa City and is an active Lincoln Highway Association member.

Lyell’s lectures and articles about roadside artifacts – restaurants, motels, and complete “one-stops” – are interesting as well as scholarly.  Certainly one of Lyell’s most important contributions is his postcard collection of roadside commercial attractions and scenery.  Lyell was gracious in granting access to his collection of Lincoln Highway postcards in the development of this website.

In addition to the Lyell Henry collection, Illinois resident and long-time Lincoln Highway enthusiast Marvin Wolfe, and Ames resident and former ILHA Co-President Margaret Elbert contributed to the Clinton and Linn county pages.  The postcard images on this site are not in the public domain. You must obtain permission to reproduce them.

The Postcard Gallery was originally created by Paul Walker.