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Are you searching for a gift for the Lincoln Highway lover in your life?
Check out these businesses, located along the Lincoln Highway!

Lincoln Highway Shirt

T-Shirt available at Belle Plain Museum.


Available at Sweet Repeats


Available at Sweet Repeats


Available at Sweet Repeats


Harrison County Historical Village and Welcome Center

2931 Monroe Ave, Missouri Valley

Items for sale:
Lincoln Highway Coffee Mugs, T-Shirts, Sweatshirts, Baseball Caps, Magnets, Patches, Books, and more!

Reed Niland  
24 Lincoln Hwy, Colo

Items for sale:Lincoln Highway Pens, Pencils, Post Cards, Mugs, and Keychains!Books: Iowa Map Pack, Brian Burko’s Centennial Photo and Greetings books
Reed-Niland Post Cards and Niland’s Peanut Butter Pie Pins and some Jefferson Highway Items

Belle Plaine Area Museum
901 Main Street in Belle Plaine

Items for sale:
Lincoln Highway Key Chains, Six Inch Ruler, Bumper Stickers, Mug, and T-Shirts

Youngville Café
2409 73rd Street in Watkins Open during the Spring and Summer

Items for sale:Lincoln Highway Mugs ($5), T-Shirts ($12)

Benton County Lincoln Highway Centennial Photo Book ($20)

Sweet Repeats
418 State Street in Tama

Items for sale:
Lincoln Highway Coffee Mugs, T-Shirts, Key Chains, and Bumper Stickers

Greene County Lincoln Highway Museum
200 Main Street in Grand Junction

Items for sale:Lincoln Highway Plaques, Markers, Map Packs, T-Shirts, Hats, Post Cards, Magnets, Books on the Lincoln Highway, and more!