• Recap of July Meeting in Clinton

    The Iowa Lincoln Highway Association met Saturday, July 11th at the Pizza ranch in Clinton, Iowa. Fourteen people attended, including two guests. President Deb Rothmeyer called the meeting to order and after the group introduced themselves, the minutes from the previous meeting and the Treasurer’s report were approved.

    Several members gave shared their memories of Jeff Benson, a longtime LHA member and integral part of the Iowa LHA efforts. He died unexpectedly in May and will be greatly missed by the ILHA.

    The membership report was given and Dean Parr, State Director, shared news from the National LHA. A new secretary is in place and a new state director, Brian Suen, was voted in for the state of Nevada. Brian will be debuting a passport program in one state and perhaps other states will want to do it as well. Dean reported that the tours during the National LHA Conference were very interesting. They toured downtown Detroit and the Lincoln Highway archives in the Libraries at the University of Michigan. He also reported that the Council Bluffs library is having an event on July 21 at noon to celebrate the Boy Scout of America Safety Tour that stopped there in 1928. Bernie Queneua was the last living Boy Scout on that trip. His widow, Esther, was at the Conference and Dean bought a book from her of all of Bernie’s awards and achievements. He will share the information with the Council Bluffs librarian who is organizing the event.

    Other news from the Conference was that Darla Cory, a teacher from Tama, received the National Educator Award.

    Prairie Rivers of Iowa has been aiding the LHA with several projects. The Greene County Brochure and a manual for the website have been developed. Information has been added to the website’s county pages. The newsletter was recently sent out and Van Becker has extra copies if anyone knows of a location they’d like them placed. The Corridor Management Plan is going well with the first round of community input meetings being completed. A survey has been developed and placed in strategic locations along the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway.

    The Iowa Auto Tour will be traveling from Kearney, NE to Missouri Valley on Aug 21-23.

    The 2017 LHA Conference will be held in Denison, Iowa. Speakers have been lined up and tour buses reserved. The Buy-Way Yard Sale is coming up in August. People are signing up on the website and a listing and map will be posted in early August.

    Clinton County welcomes a new County Consul- Cathie Nichols. She has been a member for 12 years and will retire at the end of the year, allowing her to be more involved in the Lincoln Highway. She will check into getting the Pony Truss Bridge painted.

    Joe Goodlove, the Cedar County Consul, says the Lincoln Hotel is now for sale. It has been operated as a bed and breakfast.

    Mike Kelly, Benton County Consul , reported that when the Henry B. Joy Auto Tour stopped, they were disappointed that pie wasn’t one of their food options. The ladies at the café scurried around and the last half of the tour did get pie! Mike also reported that the structures at Hank’s Corner, west of Youngville, have been flattened and look like they will be removed.

    Scott Berka, Story County Consul, reported that this weekend is the Cross Roads Festival and Nevada Lincoln Highway Days will be August 28-30. The Colo Farmer’s Market and the Classic Car Roll-in at Niland’s Café have been well attended.

    Kathy Dirks, Harrison County Consul, said that the first of the billboards along I29 have been placed. They have both the Loess Hills and Lincoln Highway logos on them.

    The meeting was adjourned. The next meeting will be October 10th in Denison at Cronk’s restaurant.

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