• Iowa Lincoln Highway Association Business Meeting April 8, 2023

    Business Meeting Minutes

    April 8, 2023, 9:30 AM

    Victory Lanes, Clarence, Iowa 

    Welcome and Introductions:

    The meeting was called to order at 9:31 by Mary Preston, President. Those in attendance:

    President- Mary Preston

    Secretary- Jan Gammon

    Treasurer: Joyce Ausberger

    State Director: Dean Parr

    Benton County Consul: Mike Kelly

    Linn County: Rex Martin

    Marshall County: Harlan Quick

    Boone County: John Fitzsimmons

    Greene County Consul: Joyce Ausberger

    Others: Bob Ausberger, Brad Boustad, Garry Hevalow, Sandii Huemann-Kelly, Lori Lakey, Steve Rohling, Paul Walker, Shannon Woods, Keith Whitlach, Tim Quigley, Jennifer Morrison, Shellie Orngard and Andy Bock.

    Secretary’s Report: The minutes were sent out after the last meeting and are included in today’s packet. Dean Parr motioned to approve the January 14, 2023, minutes and Garry Hevalow seconded. Motion carried.

    Treasurer’s Report: Joyce Ausberger reported there is $2,121.27 in checking and $4,774.01 in savings.

    Garry Hevalow moved to accept the report. John Fitzsimmons seconded. Motion carried.

    Membership Report: Dean Parr reported we are down 3 people (“Iowa” down 2, and “Comp” down 1) after removing those for non-payment. He has a few notices out that have no response yet.  Those will be dropped soon if not renewing. National – 109, Iowa – 43, Lifetime – 15, Complimentary – 23, for a total of 190.  

    Director’s Report
    : National LHA has not met recently. Dean tried to contact Kay Shelton regarding our ILHA newsletter that is sent to Franklin Grove office keeps getting returned. Mary will compress the email version of the newsletter for Dean to email out.


    Promoting Iowa Road Trips: Tim Quigley shared a presentation about the importance of GPS coordinates to the adventure motorcycle world. He has an automotive and motorcycle background, often going on adventure rides that take cyclists off paved roads. He talked about the “Adventure Rider” website where travelers can find gravel/dirt road routes to explore. The LHA has an interactive google map on-line, but he is suggesting we promote routes using Garmin technology and GPS coordinates. Most adventure motorcycles are equipped with Garmin devices. Garmin and Google do not intermix technologies. Some people research and test out a route, then sell their knowledge for money to those interested in taking a similar route.      

    Main Street Clarence: Michele Pisman, Executive Director, on her last day of work and her replacement, Janet, stopped by to say “Hello!” and “Welcome” to Clarence.  They are off to facilitate the “Hop Into Clarence” event for kids to meet the Easter Bunny and have an Easter Egg Hunt. 

    “Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway Suggested Changes”: Jennifer Morrison has concluded her research about the various Lincoln Highway routes over the years and has suggested route changes in DeWitt, Calamus, Wapsie Bridge area, new turn to Chelsea from Highway 30, Shady Oaks, Lisbon from new Highway 30 route, Marion, Belle Plaine, Ontario to Jordon, east of Boone, west of Boone, and Ralston. She will address the city of Clinton later.  She consulted various resource materials and deemed what she felt needed changed, yet safe for the driver. 

    Mary Helen Preston had created a task force at the meeting in Ogden to look into any changes. Harlan Quick, Andy Bock will join Jennifer and Jonathon Sherwood (Byway Coordinator) on the task force. Bob and Joyce Ausberger will let the map pack information and mapping serve as their voice on the matter. The Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway signs are owned by the Iowa Department of Transportation (IDOT) and managed by Prairie Rivers of Iowa under a contract with IDOT. The current route was signed using an extensive review process by both the ILHA and IDOT when it was named a state byway route in 2006. The current mapping was submitted in the 2021 designation as a National Scenic Byway to the Federal Highway Administration. Shellie Orngard will take a message back to Jonathon Sherwood, Byway Coordinator, and Penny Brown-Huber, Executive Director of Prairie Rivers of Iowa, to visit with IDOT on the best process for changes.            

    Bob Ausberger cautioned the group that we don’t get too fervent in route changes. It was noted that the route in Ogden changed as often as mayors changed.  

    Consul Reports:

    Clinton: Two guests, Lori Lakey and Steve Rohling are from Clinton County. They are working on a trail between Calamus and Wheatland. The middle Wapsie bridge will have a replacement built using similar architectural details. The bridge to the west has been closed and is in jeopardy as the time for federal funds is running out. Trail days will be held in August.    

    Cedar: Joe Goodlove did not submit a report.

    Linn County: Rex Martin has nothing to report.

    Benton: Mike Kelly reported the Youngville will open June 4 and run until fall. A closing date has not yet been determined. Mike is looking at submitting a Benton County grant for $10,000 for tuckpointing and painting of the café. Jan Gammon is helping write information that may be used in later, larger grants. Mike and Youngville Highway History Association will review it.

    Mary Helen Preston reported that Preston’s Station Historic District would like to submit a national LHA Endowment Grant to continue their work. The ILHA would need to request the grant on behalf of Preston’s. Grant awards will be announced at the LHA Conference in Folsum, CA in June.   John Fitzsimmons moved and Rex Martin seconded that the grant request from ILHA to the LHA Endowment Fund for Preston’s Station Historic District be submitted. Motion carried.

    RAGBRAI will travel right past Preston’s on July 28. Mary will have 2 massage therapists available to alleviate any stress and strain the riders have. She will also have fruit and water available and ask for free-will donations. A coffee truck and radio station will also be set up. Expecting 15,000 riders. Belle Plaine will have other events going on. Mary Helen also received an email from a tour group out of Fort Dodge coming August 1 with Darcy Maulsby, author of a book on the Lincoln Highway.     

    Tama: Allan Richards did not send in a report. Bob Ausberger has been working on the Phillips 66 station in Montour. The lean-to was removed, and dirt removed from the basement.  The group working on it will meet later today. Hopes are to have the station restored by September for Montour’s sesquicentennial celebration.

    Marshall County: Harlan Quick gave a synopsis of events: State Center will host their 65th Annual Rose Festival Jun 15-18 with the usual parade, food, music, car show, and fireworks. The Farmers Market will be held Friday evenings on Main Street. Marshalltown’s Farmers Market will be held on their Main Street on Thursday nights. LeGrand will host their Pioneer Days on August 5th. Lincoln Highway poles have been painted.    

    Story: Jan Gammon said the Lincoln Highway between Ames and Nevada is still closed for the City of Ames to run water lines. New restaurant, T. E. Alderman’s, is coming soon to Nevada. The Jefferson Highway Association will host their conference in Mason City beginning June 7th. They will do a “sociability run” prior to the conference, beginning at the Iowa/Missouri border and travel to Nevada 11AM-2PM on June 6th. Nevada will have many locations for them to choose from for lunch and have some kinds of ceremony at the Lincoln and Jefferson Highway Park, outside of city hall, with a handshake of sorts between the two groups. The gas station at Colo’s Reed/Niland Corner will be open that day as well.

    Sandii Huemann Kelly and Mike Kelly are coordinating the Jefferson Highway Conference in Mason City. They and other ILHA members hope future conference dates for both groups will be coordinated better as several are members of both organizations and wish to attend both conferences.

    Harlan Quick reminded the group that Hank Zaletel, former IDOT librarian, will speak about the Lincoln Highway at the Nevada Library on 4/27 at 6 PM.          

    Boone: John Fitzsimmons said Rails Adventure is getting ready to run for the season. These are electric cars that you sit in and see the scenery down below from high above on the railroad and bridge. Parking around the bridge has been improved. John also reports that his son, Sean, is getting married in September.  

    Greene: Dale Higgins is in South Carolina now. Joyce Ausberger reported that she and Bob have sold the Quirks cabin lot and a new antique store has located there. The gas station on the property had a company move in that is selling electric boats, planes, etc. for both kids and adults.  Jefferson also has another antique store called “Pick Away” that is near the overpass. Three floors of antiques!

    Bob and Joyce are driving to the LHA Conference and have room for 2 more if anyone wants a ride, Jennifer and others are flying and it is reported a shuttle for $7 will take you from the Sacramento airport to Folsum for the conference.

    Carroll: Barbara Hackfort emailed in her report.   1. We will have our museum open as RAGBRAI comes through Carroll and we will feature the Lincoln Hwy.  2. We are preparing for a concert in September by Charlie Maguire. He’s done research on the world-renowned photojournalist Robert Capa and discovered the connection between Capa, the Pratt family of Glidden, and the Lincoln Hwy. Barbara plans to write an article about it for the next newsletter.

    Crawford: No report.

    Harrison: Kathy Dirks did not send in a report.

    Pottawattamie: No report.

    Prairie Rivers of Iowa Report: Shellie Orngard handed out a written report:

    1. Tama Bridge has recent damage and is closed with repairs being done. April-June. Closed during RAGBRAI.

    2. IDOT will do two statewide bridge surveys of bridges built between 1876 and 1985 (14,056 bridges).

    3. The byway will have a booth at the Iowa State Fair August 10-20. Prairie Rivers of Iowa (Lincoln Highway) will host the first and last day of the fair. Looking for volunteers to help. Volunteers get a state fair entrance ticket.

    4. Iowa Public TV will do a series about Byways. The first episode in Spring 2024. Great River Road and Jefferson are the first to be featured.

    5. Hank Zaletel presentation April 27 at 6PM, Nevada Public Library. Traveling exhibit will be there.

    6. Traveling exhibit- No charge, but site needs to cover PRI staff time and transportation cost for set up/ pick up. PRI can help find local funding/grants to support.

    7. PRI is working on the survey of the National Register of Historic Places. Respondents are interested in grants and tax credits. Info is being assembled for distribution.     

    8. LHHB Activity Guide is available. Talk to Shellie for copies.

    Old Business: none.

    New Business: Grant Wood AEA can no longer print the newsletter.  Mary Helen received 3 quotes with the best option being Copyworks in Cedar Rapids. They will fold and tab 200 newsletters for $208 per quarter ($832/year). This will keep the printing local for Dean Parr to collect and mail out. Change in printers was approved by consensus.   

    Next Meeting: July 8 at 9:30 AM. In Belle Plaine, location TBD.

    Adjournment: Garry Hevalow moved, Jan Gammon seconded, and Mary Preston adjourned the meeting at 11:45 AM.

    Respectfully submitted,

    Jan Gammon, ILHA Secretary   

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