• Recap of July Meeting in Woodbine

    Called to Order:  Meeting was called to order by President Pro-tem Dean Parr at 9:30. Agendas and minutes were handed out.

    Introductions and Welcome:    The group introduced themselves.

    Minutes from the April 9th meeting were sent out electronically and were available in hard copy. Motion and second to approve the minutes. Motion passed.

    Treasurer’s Report- by Bob Ausberger, in Joyce’s absence. The bank account balance is $19373.00 which includes $612.54 from the Benson Endowment and Hamilton’s (Greene County) donation of $5,000 and the money from Greene County Foundation for the Greene County interpretive grant. There is $7,593.91 freed up money for projects, etc. The Investment account balance is $5,976.00. Jeannie moved to approve the treasurer’s report and Barbara seconded. Motion passed.

    Membership Report –by Dean Parr. Dean is confirming with Jay Banta as to who has dropped off the membership list. The numbers may go down by 30+ people. He has sent out renewal notifications and received 2-3 renewals from that. Some people have notified him they want the newsletter electronically. Van suggested the newsletter print numbers be cut by 100. Not sure they are being used or tossed. Membership numbers are: 25 Complimentary, 84 Iowa only, 10 Lifetime, and 203 National= 322 Total

    State Director Update- by Dean Parr. There was no quorum at the National Conference and Bylaws state there must be one face-to-face meeting per year. Board is getting older and hard for them to travel, so not sure how this will be addressed. Brian Suen, from the state of Nevada is the new VP. The treasurer would like to retire, but no one has stepped forward. Gettysburg had many great bus tours and Keven Patrick was the guide on one bus. He knows a lot about land forms, geology, and the Lincoln Highway. Bob and Joyce had given Thelma Riehle from OH some books and in return Thelma had given Dean a brick at the conference to give to the Ausbergers to be put in the Grand Junction garden.

    At the Conference, Bob and Joyce were given a “Friends of the Highway” award as well as the town of Grand Junction. Dean presented both awards to Bob. Bryan and Caron Osberg received a Certificate of Appreciation for their work on the Iowa Auto Tour. Dean will make sure they get the framed certificate.

    The 2018 Conference location has not been determined yet. It could be New Jersey or Cheyenne, WY. The board had put out the invitation for anyone interested in putting on a conference to submit a proposal. In 2019, the Military convoy will celebrate its centennial. Jeff Stonsifer is the new PA director.

    Director at Large Report by Van Becker. Van shared the Nebraska Lincoln Highway Byway new magazine. He will still work with the interactive maps on the National web site with Paul Gilger. Van thinks somehow mistakes are creeping into the maps as he is finding several errors now.

    Website Report by Prairie Rivers. Meredith asked for a vote to renew the domain name – $30 for 3 years. Motion made and seconded. Motion passed. It was discussed what to do with the BuyWay Yard sale. Jan had contacted Greene County and the Tama Bridge Committee. Both indicated they were interested in holding sales. Bob said Greene County will not participate this year. OH does well with the sales and maybe IN does them, but other states do not do well with it. Bob commented that In Iowa, communities have their own City-wide garage sales and they do not want to move dates to conform with the LHA BuyWay sale dates.

    The group may drop the Buyway facebook page and just list the sale as an event should anyone sign up. No one has signed up to sell, only lookers for sales have visited the page.

    Newsletter Report- Dean and Jeannie will take on the folding and mailing. Meredith reported that one of them will need to be added to the checking account so they can pay for printing and postage. As mentioned before Van suggested that the printing be cut by 100 copies. Meredith will check other vendor prices. Depending on where the printing will be, an appropriate person will be added to the account. We have been with Grant Wood for 15 years and get their “educational” discount on a printing press. Van’s last newsletter will be in October and he has one check left to pay for it.

    2016 Motor Tour Update- Van made suggestions to Bryan. There will be an advance tour to Galena, Ill then back to Iowa to start the tour. They will travel to Lowden and then to Herbert Hoover Presidential Library. Then travel to Iowa City (Coralville museum), Amanas, Belle Plaine and then head to Ames area.

    2017 National Conference in Denison- by Jeannie Parr. Denison has received an Iowa Tourism Grant on the ILHA’s behalf to pay for 2 comped hotel rooms, music, and other events. There will be a Classic Car Festival (can’t call it a show as no prizes will be given). The cars are from a Woodbine group. Carroll Car Club member, Ian, will bring a car to Vail to place near the restored Standard gas station. Not for a photo op, but for ambiance. Buses are not able to go all the way on Lincoln Highway to Council Bluffs as some underpasses not high enough. They will look for alternate routes to still have the most time on the Lincoln Highway.

    Barbara Hackfort reported on selling ads for the program. She made flyers and a purchase agreement and has been to 11 towns. Denison, of course, was the best to sell in. Three ½ pages, seven ¼ pages, six 1/8 pages (one is free) have been sold. Boone wants their ads together so when pages folded they are opposite each other. She has sold $2,385.00 in ads for the 36 page booklet. Barbara will contact Jim Cassler for his ad. Joe wanted to know if we can put in a “want ad’ for the Lowden Hotel. Meredith and Barbara set Sept 30 as deadline for ads as Meredith will need to design some of the ads and she graduates in December. Boulders has a style guide to follow for their ad.

    Van suggested that we book rooms NOW as they will fill up fast and are only $89 per room. Doesn’t matter size of room. Jeannie says to expect 150 registrants and use that figure when ordering supplies or getting things for goodie bags.

    Majestic Hills Golf (at Boulders) will give golf discounts on Tuesday, Thursday during the conference ($30/person). Tuesday is registration day which will give some else to do for registrants but Thursday is the speaker day and Jeannie hopes all will attend that instead of golfing. We will not be able to do a wine and cheese tasting due to the Boulder’s liquor license, but Hy-Vee will cater cheese and fruit trays.

    Dean and Jeannie will try to set up a committee meeting in September in Carroll.

    Prairie Rivers Update by Jan Gammon. The Byway has been to Ogden Fun Days and Woodbine’s 150th celebration just the week prior with an informational tent. They will also be in LeGrand for their 125th and Nevada for Lincoln Highway Days. The Iowa Byways will have a booth under the grandstands at the Iowa State Fair. The Byway has created a new 52-page brochure that should be back from the printer soon.

    Fifteen meetings have been scheduled to share the Corridor Management Plan’s intrinsic quality, amenities, and bridge maps as well as the 20-year statewide and county project lists. The list of locations and times was handed out. Press releases and individual letters will be sent out to invite the public to these come-and-go meetings. The ILHA members may share this information with whomever they would like. Attendees are asked to make comments or suggestions to the maps and the projects.

    Next Meetings– Set for October 15th in Jefferson, location TBA. January 14th in Nevada, location TBA.

    Elections/Nominations – Elections will be held next month. John thinks Sean is willing to take a term as President. He will double check with him. Vice president is open and a few names were suggested.

    New Membership Application- Meredith had been waiting for a new National Treasurer to be named, but the Association told her to go ahead as Jesse in Utah has been saying that for years. She passed around a sample of the membership brochure.

    Iowa Merchant Association- John talked about marketing the program with a flyer “What’s on the Lincoln Highway?” Dean said he’d like to see a QR code be added to direct the person to more information. Meredith had been hired to work more hours during the summer to begin this program with John. She shared pricing for promotional flyers, business cards, and window decals and a sample of the promotional flyer. Allan moved that 200 be bought of each for $517.18 and Bob seconded. Motion passed.        

    Changes to the Road- Jan shared designs submitted by Kimball Olson, DOT Aethestic Bridge Designer. He would like to put the “L” logo on the Mt Vernon/Lisbon bypass bridges. In another email he suggested the same look be put on the bridges by Youngville when that section is redone. And he would use the brick enhancements, but not the logo at #21 and LH. The group was acceptable to those last ideas. The Mt Vernon/Lisbon will be 5 bridges and could make a great marketing tool for the Lincoln Highway. Some felt it did not belong as the bypass is not the Lincoln Highway. Suggestions were to add “Corridor” under the LH Logo or a mileage and arrow showing which way to the Lincoln Highway. Jan will talk to Kimball about these ideas. The DOT is also looking at possible Highway signs that would direct people from the new roads to the actual Byway.

    There will be conference call July 19th with the DNR and other officials regarding the Wapsie Bridge. Joe has been following this bridge prior to Cathie becoming a Consul in Clinton County. The county does not want to maintain it and the phone discussion will be about it being National Register eligible and the possibility of it being transferred to a private individual. This is the middle bridge of the 3 bridges near Wheatland. No one remembers a Nomination being prepared, but Jeff Lafollete may have. It is not listed on the register now. Lyell feels the bridge should be eligible. Cathie would like to see access remain for the bridge and the one that has been closed for some time. The state feels the bridge blocks things during a flood.

    Allan says attention should be given to the Tama Bridge. Lyell will talk to Paula Mohr at state preservation office when he sees her on Monday. Perhaps Allan can write an article for the newsletter and/or Forum.

    Jan will be talking to Harlan Quick about a loop addition he would like to see in State Center. The application is due to the DOT by October 1 and she needs a letter of support from the LHA and the City of State Center. Since Harlan is the mayor, Dean will write the LHA letter.         

    County Reports:

    Clinton: Cathie Nichols said the Wapsie Bridge has already been talked about.

    Cedar: Joe Goodlove said a local Chevy dealer passed away and many cars are for sale.

    Linn: Van reported the Great American Race came through downtown. The Sisters’ Motorcycle ride stopped in Anamosa at the Motorcycle Museum before heading west. Bloomington Road in Marion now has a new modern concrete bridge. An uncovered ridge line shows the original abutments. Holland Orchard, once the Lincoln Highway Orchard, is now gone.

    Benton: Mike Kelly Bridge says bridge work near Youngville will take place in 2017 and the #218 will work around Youngville’s schedule. Rita, the main worker there, has moved to Cedar Rapids.

    Tama– Allan Richards said the Tama and Chelsea corner will be closed off by the DOT. The Bridge group has been busy planting and caring for flowers in the park.

    Marshall- Harlan Quick sent in his report of events. LeGrand will celebrate 125th this year on August 27th and State Center their 150th next year. See attached for complete list of upcoming events. Meredith will post them on the website.

    Story – Scott Berka reported the Colo Crossroads was a big success. Two classic car roll-ins will be held yet this summer at Reed-Niland Café. Scott attended the DOT meeting in Colo about the intersection of US 65 and Lincoln Highway. Two choices were given 1. Fix the bridge or 2. Remove the bridge and clover leafs and increase the height of US 65 to meet the Lincoln Highway. Then install stop signs at the top of the hill for Lincoln Highway travelers. Most residents were in favor of just fixing the bridge.

    The Jefferson Highway was approved as a Byway and signage may occur next year. Paul Gilger wants to organize a motor tour from Colo to Winnepeg. Lyell’s book about the Jefferson Highway and book signings netted the Colo Development Group $3,000 and the Jefferson Association $1,000. The Jefferson 2017 Conference will be held in Denison, TX. Some young cinematographers from Leon are working on a documentary about the Jefferson and it should be out soon.

    Boone– John Fitzsimmons reports that the front of the Historical Society building fell off. The Lincoln Highway marker was damaged, but has now been repaired by the city. Brings up the argument- whose marker is it? The property owner’s? This marker was given to the society to install. Should an agreement been written up for these donated markers? The Lincoln Highway Johnny website is now up and John’s art for sale along with some history.

    Greene- Bob Owens says the Byway signs are still messed up over by Ralston. Bob Ausberger passed around flyers about Grand Junction’s Lincoln Highway Days to be held July 23rd to celebrate the new Community Center and raise funds for the Municipal Pool improvements.

    Carroll- Barbara Hackfort has been busy distributing her new brochure and out selling ads for the 2017 National Conference program.

    Crawford- no report

    Harrison– Elaine Ehlert says the Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway came for the 150th celebration and had a booth during the parade. The parade, rodeo and other events were successful. She encouraged everyone to notice the banners along the streets in Woodbine. The marker at Merrybrook in Woodbine is broken and she would like advice as to how to fix it.

    Pottawattamie – no report.


    Lyell moved and there were multiple seconds that the meeting be adjourned. Motion passed.


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