• Lincoln Highway Heritage Byway Update

    As seen in the 2018 issue of the Iowa Lincoln Highway Association newsletter
    By Jan Gammon, LHHB Coordinator Prairie Rivers of Iowa

    I am excited for spring to get here! We recently completed an interpretive panel for Westside’s new Eugene Kock Memorial Park and can’t wait for it to be

     installed. It actually was delivered Feb 23rd.The residents in the city of Vail are looking to create a similar park and they might want a similar panel created. The Byway is working with the Ausbergers and the City of Jefferson to add interpretation at the city’s east entrance. Interpretive signs will also be added to the Lion’s Club Tree Park near Grand Junction to tell the history of a steel beam that was one of the main beams and was salvaged from the old overpass that took travelers on Highway 30 over the Lincoln Highway on the west side of the park. A new overpass has just been completed and is visible from the park.

    The Byway loop requested in State Center has been approved.We are waiting for the DOT order LHHB signs as the DOT sign shop is completely out now. We continue to work with the City of Tama to secure funds for the restoration of the Lincoln Highway Bridge.We have written several grants and are looking for other funding sources. We are also working on grants to pursue the interpretation, restoration, art, oral histories, and repurposing project at old gas stations at Youngville in rural Benton County, Preston’s in Belle Plaine, and Reed-Niland in Colo. In the coming months, the Byway will hear on several grants and we will share the outcomes as we hear.

    Winter has been full of planning and preparing and we are ready for Spring!

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